Sometimes life gets in the way of our lives

I went to dinner with friends the other day and we had not seen each other for quite some time. We were catching up on good and bad news. The bad news was that their son was on hospice care. He has a rare illness and there is no cure. He will be with Hospice for a very long time.


The good news with all of this is that both of his parents happen to be Hospice nurses. They were able to hand pick the doctors, nurses, and team for their son. A great plus since they will be working with them for what could be years.

I asked them how was it being a parents and a Hospice nurse at the same time. They told me it was hard. Sometimes they just have to step back and say, “it’s time to just give a hug, and not advice or knowledge right now.”

As life marches on and stops for no man, we sometimes allow it to get mixed up with our lives and forget to step back and just give ourselves a hug and not give advice or knowledge.

I thought about how this applied to the travel industry. I was working on a trip for Scotland with a friend and started getting frustrated because she wasn’t listening to what I was telling her. I wanted her to know about the upcoming events at museums and the history of some of the places she would be attending. She didn’t want to hear any of these things.


I just wanted to make sure she was getting the most she could get out of her vacation because she was my friend and I knew these things from research and experience.

I suddenly realized what my friend actually needed was just a hug and to be wished a happy trip. This was her journey, not mine. I might have known all of these things, but she just wanted to go to Scotland, nothing more.

Once I realized that and stepped back, I was able to get her the trip she wanted, the trip she loved, the trip she will always remember. I was able to pick up that glass of wine and go, “AHHHHHHH…..”

Just because we have knowledge about something, doesn’t mean we always have to share or even use that knowledge. If the information isn’t important for safety, saving money, or time and the person who is being helped isn’t interested, then just smile and give a hug. They will figure it out. Maybe not knowing that knowledge is suppose to be a life lesson that person is suppose to experience on their own.

Oh dear, that sounds like another glass of wine topic that we will have to save for another day. Until that day I leave you all with just a hug today !

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