Christmas Gifts

Pour me a drink and make it a double when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. We wait all year long to buy them and then dump a ton of money all in two months for a few moments of happiness.

Christmas can be a stressful time. No one has any money, and then we have to fight crowds at the stores, try and think of each person and figure out what they want…it can be a nightmare.


My daughter one year for Christmas was given by an Aunt her cousins hand-me-down clothes. She was eight at the time. I had to warn her before she received the gift to let her know what she was actually getting. I took her aside and said, “Your Aunt didn’t have money this year, but wanted you to have something to open so she took your cousins old clothes and wrapped them up. You will open the gift, pretend you are very happy, and we will talk about it in private later.” It worked. She opened the box full of old clothes, many of them so worn they didn’t even get sent on to goodwill, they went right into the rag box. We still laugh about it. What made my daughter really mad is that she could have gone to the dollar store and spent a few dollars on something, but instead thought rags would make a cool gift. They actually did wind up making a cool gift in the end. We took a number of the really old ones, and made a rag doll out of it. When life gives you lemons, you learn to make lemonade.

I decided when my child was five that I didn’t want to ever do traditional birthday parties for her. I did one, and it was a mess. The planning, the cost, and then the cousins came who were all older and didn’t want to be there. And on top of all that, I still had to buy a gift. I decided instead to give her birthday memories. So each year, we planned a special event to do on her birthday. I would find all kinds of fun activities to do with her. She has flown in a glider, played one on one with a baby tiger, flown a small plane, and many more fun things. The cost of these things were cheaper than a party and separate gift and my daughter can tell you exactly what she did on each of her birthdays growing up.


So buying a cruise or vacation for someone can be quite expensive, and if you happen to have the money for that, then by all means please buy away. Most of us do not have that kind of money that we can just buy a cruise for someone, BUT what about someone that you know who is going on a cruise in the next year? You could buy them a trip excursion for them. Most excursions can run around $100.00. You can buy a gift for them to purchase through their travel agent or you can use . You can also purchase packages through the cruise line. What about a drink package? There are many to choose from with all different prices. How nice to know your loved ones can drink all the soda they want thanks to you. A spa package is another option. You may not be able to give them the whole cruise, but I guarantee they will love the massage they get for two hours while on the ship.

Carnival has gift ideas on their funshop website anything from towels, robes, stuffed animals, flowers, wine, beer, totes, and chocolate strawberries are here all with reasonable prices. What a nice surprise for your loved one to have a treat waiting for them from you. Norwegian also has a site. You can even order diapers and wipes for babies here. Who wants to pack a week worth of diapers? princess cruise line offers perfume as an option. Royal Caribbean offers walking sticks. celebrity offers dominos and playing cards, as well as special cakes and flowers.

No matter what cruise line your friend or families are on, there is a gift there for you to add to their memory.

If there is a birthday or anniversary there are packages for flowers, balloons, and even cakes. What a surprise when they arrive in their room and it is decorated with balloons and flowers. Chocolate and wine or champagne is another option.


Think outside the box this year and give a gift they will remember for years to come. And the really cool thing is you can shop online, at home, in your PJ’s with a drink or whatever in your hand. Remember your travel agent can also make all of these things happen for you as well.

Happy shopping everyone !

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