Shhhhh I’m on vacation part 4

Another great day to see St. Augustine! Get a good breakfast, you will need it. Today let’s talk about Cordova street.

After breakfast head over to Cordova Street and start at one end and make your way down. I don’t think I have ever been to St. Augustine and not gone to the Lightner Museum. The Lightner Museum is housed in the former Alcatraz Hotel built in 1888 by Henry Morrison Flagler. In 1888 it housed the world’s largest indoor swimming pool, and today you can get married right in the space of the swimming pool. It will cost you $15.00 a ticket for adults / $12 Seniors, college students, and active military / $8.00 kids ages 12-17 / free 11 and younger.

Some people refer to the Lightner Museum as the Smithsonian of the South. This is a real museum so keep that in mind with little ones that may get bored or want to run around. I would also look to see if you can get a package with trolley tickets. They might have a bundle you will want to purchase.

Behind the Lightner Museum is the Villa Zorayda Museum. The building was built in 1883 as the winder home of Franklin Webster Smith. His house began the Moorish Spanish Revival style of architecture. Cost is $10.00 for adults and kids are $5.00. There are discounts if you are seniors, military, and they also offer docent tours for groups. This is self-guided audio tours normally. This is a true museum with lots of furniture, rugs, and paintings, keep that in mind for small children.

Now, come back around to Cordova Street and cross over to Flagler College. Cost is $12.00 adults / $10.00 senior and military / kids free. I always enjoy the tour at Flagler College. When we go with friends and family that have never been before I always agree to go with them on the Flagler tour, nothing changes on the tour but it is enjoyable. The tour is run by students at Flagler College. Henry Flagler was an interesting man and really made St. Augustine the first tourist spot in Florida. Along with his ties to the railroad he managed to build this fantastic piece of architecture and design that is still admired today. Tiffany designed the many windows in the dining hall and it is such a sight. Flagler believed the only one that could make anything perfect was God, so there are mistakes in the tile that have been put there on purpose, showing man is mortal and nothing is perfect. There are ghost stories with Flagler College. You can check them out and even sign up for the ghost tour with them. Because the tours are run by students, you never get the same exact tour twice. The hotel holds the first elevator that still works the last time I was there, originally installed by Thomas Edison himself. Even Kids like this tour so well worth it.

When leaving Flagler College go behind it and head to Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church. It’s free and worth looking inside. Henry Flagler built the church in 1889. It was constructed as a memorial to Flagler’s only daughter, Jenny. Here Henry, his daughter, granddaughter and his first wife are buried.

Grace Methodist Church is also right by here and another free and worth looking inside. Pop your head inside and marvel at the detail they used when making this great house of worship.

Potter’s Wax Museum is also located on Cordova Street. Cost will be about $10.00 adults and $7.00 for kids. There are discounts if you pay online, or get through a package for trolley rides. If you get a package deal then go see the museum. It’s a wax museum and if you have ever been to one, then you know what to expect. It’s a one-time visit place for me personally. You have to decide on your own to go or not.

Now after all of that, it will be time for lunch and maybe a drink or two. In this area are a few pubs and places to grab a bite to eat. Take your time and enjoy the food and drink, rest up because is back to exploring after lunch….just saying.

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