Shhhhh I’m on vacation part 3

Don’t you love vacations where you can take your time seeing things? St. Augustine is that type of place. You are transported to another time there. Once the fort has been seen and you have had lunch and a drink or two, then we are ready for the afternoon and here there is an unlimited amount of options.

This is when you will need to grab a map at any welcome stand located throughout the city.


There are many map options; you can pick the one that you will use the most. At this point, I will start on St. George Street and go down the street letting you know what I would see and what I would skip.

Depending on how long your stay is or how much walking you want to do; you may want to look into getting a trolley pass. It’s worth it! You get off where you want and hop back on when you want. And along the way you get some great history. If you are smart you will sit near the front so you can talk to the tour guide. As them where to eat, where their favorite place is, they are a great place for inside information.

Medieval Torture museum – cost is $16.80 a ticket. There are two sides to this museum. One is a micro art side that is where the real art is and worth seeing if you like art and history. The Medieval torture side is set up like a wax museum with different torture techniques displayed in scary situations. If you have small children or children with weak stomachs skip this one. If you like the weird and gross and just want some fun, then go for it! If you are watching money put this one further down on the list there are others to see first.

As you walk down St. George St. you pass many places to eat and each place is great. St. Augustine has a high standard as a city of good quality food. They range from different prices due to the venue. There isn’t a place I would not recommend. Some places like the Columbia was named : Named One of America’s Most Historic Restaurants by USA Today per their web site . We have eaten here many times and it is a nice relaxing dinner, we haven’t seen the ghost yet, but who knows— maybe I’m not drinking enough sangria ….

Colonial experience or Colonial QuarterThis will cost you $12.99 for adults 16 and older / $6.99 kids 5-15 / 4 and under free. This is normally a stop on school tours if they can afford it. It is great for history, has a restaurant, wonderful demonstrations, and blacksmiths, climb the watchtower, and learn how to load a musket. The Colonial Quarter is partnership with the University of Florida Historic St. Augustine, so it’s great history being taught. I would try and work this one in.


Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse – cost is $5.00 adults /$4.00 kids 6-12/ 5 and under free. Ummmm, ok if you just have to see it, then by all means go and see it. There is some controversy over the fact that this is the oldest wooden schoolhouse in American. It is indeed the oldest in St. Augustine, first appearing on the books in the 1700’s. It’s a one room schoolhouse, and there were a small handful of children that went to school. There are other better things to see, and I would add it to the bottom of the list somewhere.

Take the trolley and go see the Jail – Adults $9.99/ kids $5.99 but most trolley tours will have a bundle to get that will include the old jail. Painted pink to make it look pretty, it stands apart from the city. The jail was built in 1891 it was not a place you wanted to visit. It is said to be haunted and if you want to visit at night for the ghost tour it is worth the visit, but it is scary just be aware. There is the old store here and the tour will take a little bit of time to go through so if you have small children keep that in mind.

Whew! I think it is about time for dinner and another drink—- maybe that martini bar again! We haven’t even touched on the great hidden places no one talks about yet. Well, tomorrow is another day.

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